What’s New at Onspire Health Marketing

Practis Announces Formation of Onspire Health Marketing

Practis announces the formation of Onspire Health Marketing, a full-service marketing firm that exclusively serves organizations within the healthcare industry. Onspire Health Marketing provides fully integrated digital marketing solutions alongside strategy-first marketing, branding and advertising services to meet every client’s needs.
With deep expertise in numerous medical specialties and practices, Onspire Health Marketing leverages digital innovation and integrated, data-driven strategies to accelerate intelligent growth.

Laura Hutchinson, Art Director/Graphic Designer – Dobies Health Marketing

With Laura Hutchinson Joining the Team, Graphic Design Enjoys Healthy Growth at Dobies Health Marketing

The healthcare-specialized creative team at Dobies Health Marketing continues to grow, as the firm recently welcomed Laura Hutchinson as Art Director/Graphic Designer. Laura works closely with design, content and media teams to infuse unique creative energy into marketing campaigns, branding initiatives, web designs and much more. With more than 20 years of experience in graphic design, Laura is known for her ability to blend critical thinking with creativity.

young woman looking at audiology website on her phone

3 Ways to Attract Younger Audiology Patients

Help Younger People Prioritize Hearing Health. According to the National Institute On Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 38 million+ Americans struggle with some level of hearing loss, yet only a fraction seek medical help. As an audiologist, there is a vast untapped pool of potential patients – including a younger demographic that you may not typically target with your marketing. According to the National Library of Medicine…

Doctor with a happy patient

Effective Patient Retention Strategies for Healthcare Providers

Patient retention is essential for running a successful healthcare practice but often takes a back seat to patient acquisition. Patient acquisition is typically deemed to be the easiest of the two, so many healthcare providers will aggressively pursue acquiring new patients and frequently neglect retention strategies. Acquiring new patients for growth is undoubtedly needed, but retaining patients is the more cost-effective of the two.